Thursday, February 17, 2011

While at the Range

With the Colt style cap and ball revolver,don't forget to check the nipples! One common problem is that the nipple is not screwed in all the way. This may cause the cylinder to bind and not rotate when a cap is placed on the nipple, or in other cases, incomplete ignition. It is possible to screw in the nipple enough to mount a cap and rotate the cylinder, however, unless it is screwed all the way in, there will be ignition problems with that chamber.

One great practice that people often forget at the range is to fire caps on empty chambers to clean the flash hole in the nipple. This is done before loading and can be done on empty chambers during a long day of firing. This cleans any accumulated gunk out of the flash hole and thus improves ignition. Another tip is to have a paper clip to clean th eflash hole, just ben the wire out straight and it should pass through the flashhole. This does not work on my TRESO bronze caps that I put on my 1851 Navy. On these the flashhole is a small diameter, too small for the paper clip wire.

After the long winter, it's that details that can make your first range trip a success or not!!

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