Friday, March 18, 2016

1916 The year of Great Offensives

Verdun, The Somme, Jutland, on the land and sea 1916 was the year of offensives. Both sides tried to break the stalemate on the Western Front.  One of the relics of that time is the British Webley revolver holster shown below. the revolver is from 1918, but the holster is from 1916. Was it at the Somme? it's anyone's guess.

Note the date and broad arrow mark in the middle of the flap.

    The 1918 Webley is a good fit for the holster.  

British recruiting poster prior to the Somme.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Update on m1903 and S&K Insta Mount

The club rules 1903 Sniper project is coming along nicely. As you can see I've changed the cheek pad to a higher one which allows a better stock weld. It also has a Velcro place so I can attach a patch or flag. The high cheek pad was also needed because the scope is mounted high over the bore. Thus no modifications to the rifle or stock were needed. The S&K  Insta Mount has performed in an excellent manner. with over 100 rounds down range and counting, it has not loosened up at all.

Inexpensive cheek pad with Velcro SOCCENT patch attached.

The accuracy of the rifle is quite pleasing as the five shot group below illustrated. This group was fired prone supported at 300 yards using a 150 gr FMJ simulating a service or "ball" load.

300 yard group.

This rifle is now "good to go" for local competition and could be used for hunting or any other precision rifle needs out to a reasonable range of  600 yards. I thing the 60 year old scope would be a handicap beyond that range. This is also the case with the WW II era scopes; the optics are good but not great for the longer ranges.

The complete build.