Thursday, August 29, 2013

Children of Heroes

I went to school with the grandchild of a hero many years ago.  She was a loyal and patriotic American.  Her grandfather was killed at the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942. His job was chief damage control officer on the U.S.S. Lexington, the "Lady Lex". He perished at his battle station. He left behind a wife and two small children.  In his honor, the Navy named a Fletcher class destroyer in his honor, the U.S.S. Healy DD672.
Commander Healy saved 1800 of his shipmates.  The ship named for him earned 8 battle stars in WWII. Sadly the U.S.S. Healy was scrapped in 1976. She and her namesake are not forgotten.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zoot Shooting World Championships 2013

It's here again!!! One of the mot fun and entertaining shooting championships is taking place in Colorado over the labor Day weekend.  The AZSA will host the event in Byers, Colorado.
For the Flyer and match application

You don't want to miss this!!!! First time Zoot shooters are especially welcome!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

USS Olympia

After visiting the USS Texas, I thought about the USS Olympia. She could use some help also.  Dewey's flagship and the victor of the Battle of Manila Bay, is also a World War I veteran.  In fact the USS Olympia returned the remains of the World War I unknown Soldier home to the USA.  The USS Olympia, like the USS Texas, is the last of her breed.  The loss of this ship would be a terrible blow to history. It's up to us to save these improtant ships.   Here's how to help the USS Olympia:

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Modest Winchester Model 47

From 1949 to 1954 Winchester produced the Model 47 rifle.  It is an entry level single shot .22 caliber rim fire rifle.  The model 47 was conceived low production cost and the growing post war interest in hunting and shooting.  It may be the safest rifle ever produced.  The safety resets automatically and must be disengaged before each shot.  The Model 47 is a delight to shoot, a simple, safe, reliable and accurate.  Some still serve, with target sights, as the first rifles for beginning small bore target shooter. 

Unfortunately, even this great piece of Americana is objected to by some of our Bolshevik politicians.  Maybe if they had received the same careful training and parental supervision as the rest of us did with a Model 47, their views would be different. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

USS Texas BB 35

The USS Texas BB 35 is a national treasure. Over 100 years old and the only surviving super dreadnaught battleship. She is one of the few ships in the world which served in BOTH World Wars.
The Texas is located in Huston and is an excellent attraction.  Of course keeping the ship afloat and in good repair is a daunting task.  Please donate to keep the ship from deteriorating.

The USS Texas is a valuable and irreplaceable piece of American history.  Please visit and help!