Sunday, February 7, 2016


The club rules vintage sniper Remington 1903 fires excellent groups at 300 yards. I do find the high scope mount a problem but I used a towel to comfortably position my head. This will be corrected by an improved cheek pad in the future.

The scope performs well for it's 1940s technology, like the Soviet PU and other military scopes of the era,  The Weaver K6 does not have a self centering reticle. This means the windage and elevation must be set with the scope rings to keep the reticle in the center of the scope. The scope internal adjustments are for small corrections only.

Happily this is the case and the rifle easily keeps all rounds in the 9 ring of an NRA 300 yard rifle target at the aforementioned 300 yards, with ball ammunition, I expect match loads will  work even better.