Friday, July 8, 2016

I Warned You

The war on police has come home. The sickness and violence of Baltimore and Ferguson were going to spread. Now it's Dallas: an organized team of Radical Black Extremists have attacked society. They are no better than the Orlando terrorist and ISIS. These cockroaches are terrorists. We must fight and defend ourselves.
A good self defense carbine, it will protect you and your family.
Although they want to make it one, this is not a race issue, like other terrorists and criminals, these Radical Black Extremists have victimized black citizens in their own neighborhoods. I'm sure many good citizens of all races want to see these bastards stopped.

For now, avoid crowds and protests,  arm yourself and "harden your home". Be vigilant, report things that look wrong. Thugs can't operate if citizens report suspicious behavior.

Drive defensively and take less crowded or traveled routes. Ensure you vehicle is filled with fuel at all times. maintain a low profile.  Informally talk to your neighbors about some collective neighborhood security and a neighborhood watch program.

Do not accept politician's rationalizations or excuses.  many of them have endorsed or inflamed the War on Police, and they bear moral responsibility for their actions.
A serviceable handgun for home/ vehicle defense.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Gun of Frank James

Alexander Franklin “Frank” James (1842-1915) survived two of the most hazardous jobs of his time. Civil War Confederate Guerilla and bank robbing outlaw. He lived to the ripe old age of 72; I’m sure his proficiency with arms contributed to his longevity.  As a boy, Frank James started shooting percussion rifles, shotgun and “cap and ball” revolvers. Frank was an expert shot and undoubtedly killed many men. As the older brother of the famous Jesse James, Frank was a public figure after his retirement from crime and his subsequent acquittals. Frank was “Scott Free” but he still had enemies.   

In 1904, while lecturing in Butte, Montana, a supposed relative of the cashier killed in the Great Northfield Raid threatened to kill Frank publicly at the theater where Frank was speaking. The man was either drunk or mentally unbalanced, but armed with a 45 caliber revolver. The police subdued him just before Frank arrived. The old guerrilla, even over the age of sixty, was still a formidable man.  By this time, Frank James was carrying his last gun in an overcoat pocket, a new Colt 1903 hammerless .32 caliber automatic pistol. Frank called this pistol his “Gatling Gun”.

The police asked Frank to get out of town. Frank replied "I will go when I am ready." It is amazing to think Frank started out with percussion cap and ball pistols in the Civil War, moved on to cartridge revolvers for his outlaw career, and ended up with a semi auto pistol.