Tuesday, December 27, 2016

ATI STG-44 .22LR Carbine

The ATI STG-44 .22 LR Carbine

The STG-44, a Second World War icon, lives in an affordable version!  The German made 22 LR carbine is available through a number of dealers. The rifle, is a remarkable replica of the German WW II legend which was decades ahead of it's time. The original STG-44 was chambered in a 8x33 mm intermediate cartridge, the new version is in the humble but affordable .22 LR.

The ATI STG-44 uses a AR style firing group which is proven reliable and durable.

The .22 chambering has a number of advantages. The cost of such a rifle today in it's original caliber would be prohibitive to both buy and shoot. The 22 LR is much easier to produce and far cheaper to shoot.   It is also not subject to some of the more onerous and illegal "Assault Rifle" laws in certain parts of the country. The design also allows the use of modern materials such as polymer magazines and cast metal instead of steel stampings. However the appearance is very authentic and almost indistinguishable from the original.

 The magazine is polymer and features a cartridge counter, which was not in the original STG-44 design. The magazine holds 25 rounds and during our trial was absolutely reliable.

The rifle was tested in dry cold weather, there was not a sing malfunction if 200 rounds of mixed ammunition. This is an astounding performance as much of the ammunition was standard velocity. The rifle is quite accurate and hit point of aim at 25 yards from the off hand position. This carbine, could be used as a defense weapon under certain circumstances.

  The rifle's appearance will have a deterrent effect on intruders.

The .22 LR is a lesser choice for defense, but it can be reasonably effective with high performance ammunition and a high capacity magazine. The main use of the ATI STG-44 is it's historical appeal and fun as a recreational rifle. It certainly attracts attention and is has a pleasingly dramatic appearance. Purchase one before production ceases.