Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mosin Nagant Sniper

It was my distinct pleasure to have a conversation with Major James F. Gebhardt, U.S. Army (Ret.) the translator of The Official Soviet Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle Manual. This is a translation of the Soviet manual on the Mosin Nagant Sniper rifle. It has plenty of great info for owner of the regular infantry models also. This is the last word on these rifles and is an invaluable resource for anyone who owns and shoots these rifles. “There is nothing like old steel” this refers to the Mosin Nagant rifle (models 1891, 1891/30, 1938, 1944) . I may have forgotten a few. These rifles get the job done and they are a hoot to fire. It’s another trip back in time with these guns on the range. Major Gebhardt’s translation is easy reading and very informative. This manual is affordable and should be a companion with Mosin Nagant rifles in civilian hands. It’s an incredible bargain at $20. Here's the link.