Monday, August 19, 2013

The Modest Winchester Model 47

From 1949 to 1954 Winchester produced the Model 47 rifle.  It is an entry level single shot .22 caliber rim fire rifle.  The model 47 was conceived low production cost and the growing post war interest in hunting and shooting.  It may be the safest rifle ever produced.  The safety resets automatically and must be disengaged before each shot.  The Model 47 is a delight to shoot, a simple, safe, reliable and accurate.  Some still serve, with target sights, as the first rifles for beginning small bore target shooter. 

Unfortunately, even this great piece of Americana is objected to by some of our Bolshevik politicians.  Maybe if they had received the same careful training and parental supervision as the rest of us did with a Model 47, their views would be different. 

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  1. I have a 47 that my father gave me in 1960 when I was 10. My son and grandson have used it a lot over the years. Is there a laser sight that can be installed on it? Thanks