Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Internet Firearms Forums

I used to try and help people with questions by sharing my knowledge on internet firearms forums. This has become much more difficult as some real jerks seem to be in control of these venues. On one Black Powder forum I was warned not discuss cartridge single action revolvers. Surprising, since I had NOT attempted to discuss them. I only posted a picture which contains cap and ball revolvers and single action cartridge guns. I can’t take a new picture every time I want to post. Letting a discussion “free range” is not a bad thing either, the control freaks need to let go.

Even more disturbing, was a post I made about the remake of “True Grit”. I thought the movie had some positive aspects , especially the actress that played Mattie Ross. But I felt that Jeff Bridges just did not deliver for me. I grant that it is the toughest acting job in the world to follow a legend like John Wayne, but Jeff Bridges did not make the role of Rooster Cogburn real. It was like watching Crazy Heart II. I was insulted personally and repeatedly because I bothered to express an opinion, in a respectful way, that differed from the some of the stinky turds that haunt these forums. It’s O.K. to disagree, really it is!

What is the point in this whinning? Well, in person gun people are usually very friendly and helpful, we love talking and sharing our hobby. On the net, its just the opposite, nasty, controlling, and insulting. How does that make young or new shooters feel welcome???? It does not! The actions of a few reflect poorly on the community. Everyone deserves better!

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