Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silly Analogies

It’s a shame that in the centennial year of it’s design, the Model 1911 pistol is the victim of some silly and misleading analogies. One well known weapons trainer has opined that the 1911 is an “experts” weapon. It requires tweaking and coddling not required in more modern weapons (like the Glock). Another self appointed expert has decided that the Model 1911 is the “muscle car” of pistols it requires special handling. The inference is that the 1911 is inferior older technology that is still a sentimental favorite.
Of course this is all hogwash. The Model 1911 needs no vindication from anyone. It’s credentials as a combat weapon and a target gun, are well established. World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf (in reserve units) and the number that have been in foreign military service (30 countries in varying degrees) have proven beyond question the worth of the Model 1911 design. It is also manufactured all over the globe in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Norway, Canada, Korea, and possibly others. It’s descendents include almost every modern handgun which use a design element or principle from the model 1911.
The fact remains that every manufacturer that has design and manufacturing capacity, make a model 1911 pistol. It’s a winning design that stood the test of time. From combat to bullseye, auto pistol shooters turn to the 1911 over and over again. It’s best years are yet to come. That is something to consider.

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  1. A few years back I worked in a gun and pawn joint. We carried a number of models of 1911 starting with your basic (Springfield GI, usually) and moving up to to your higher end match-grade ninja-operator models.

    I never did see the appeal of the match-grade stuff with tight tolerances. It's some people's thing - I get that - I just don't personally see the use. A good 1911 ought to rattle like a maraca, shoot minute of grapefruit, and go bang every time you pull the trigger regardless of where it's been or how long it's gone without cleaning.

    Besides...if it don't rattle how's all the dirt supposed to get out?