Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey, wait a minute!

I watch the low budget firearms related shows on the Sportsman and Outdoor channels. While I usually find them harmlessly schilling for modern manufacturers, there is one with a disturbing weekly segment. Two “gun writers” abuse perfectly good weapons in senseless demonstrations. This seems to me to be one step above sadistically torturing small animals. Last week these two fools buried a nice Uberti Winchester 73 in sand to see “if would fire”, they also froze a nice single action in a block of ice. As a person who treasures and takes care of guns, these antics are shameful and unacceptable. They are damaging nice items for no positive reason I can see.

I don’t mind experts torture testing current military and police weapons. This reflects the reality that these sort of weapons are used in harsh unforgiving environments where the stakes are life and death. This is not the case with the clone Winchester 73 and single action. I believe in the beauty of the gun makers’ art, their craftsmanship should be respected. I’ve placed this show on the “forget it list” due to this segment. Maybe when the producers grow up I’ll consider watching again. As of right now, I don’t need their schilling, or their stupidity.

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  1. I believe I caught the show you reference. I tend to take a similar stance; I fully understand the need for firearms testings but I have to say they lost all credibility with the single action ice cube test.

    Frozen solid? Really now?

    Admittedly a working gun is liable to be exposed to a fair degree of wear and tear in the course of its service life. How exactly this equates to going from boiling water to the ice box, however, is the grossest stretch of reason.

    Same with overcharging a Stoeger coach gun to see if it'll explode with blocked chambers.

    It's a stupid crying shame. Especially to someone who'd have been happy to give either test subject a warm place in the safe.