Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-shooting checks for a Colt Cap and Ball Revolver

After the long winter many of us will take our cap and ball revolvers out for the first time in months. Here are a few points to remember.

1. Check the gun and its accessories. Make sure the nipple wrench is the correct one for the firearm. Ditto with the holsters, lead balls, and caps. Nothing is worse that shooting the Walker or Dragoon and having the incorrect nipple wrench with the shooting kit. Ditto with lead balls and caps, over the winter these things may mixed up.
2. Lubricate the revolver before range day. Pay attention to the base pin and nipple threads. Put a fresh thin coat of bore butter in the bore.
3. Keep a list of all tools and accessories that go to the range. Items like a screwdriver set, rawhide or rubber mallet, tools, hearing/eye protection, and a rag.
4. Make sure everything is packed! Nothing is worse that getting to the range and discovering something essential is left at the house.

Of course, keep the basic gun safety rules in mind. It’s easy to make a mistake after of few months lay off over the winter. Have a great spring shooting!

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