Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Old Timer Pstol's Revenge

I recently had an opportunity to shoot an unusual gun that is a real favorite of mine. It’s the Swedish service pistol, the Husquvarna M-40 often mistakenly called the Lahti M-40. It’s a very unusual design that’ sometimes mistaken for the Luger. It was designed by Amino Lahti for Finland and was adopted in 1935. The Swedes adopted the pistol in 1940 and manufactured it themselves. The M-40 was designed to operate in very cold weather and is a very robust design. It’s all steel construction and fixed barrel give the pistol mild recoil and fine accuracy.

The M-40 and it's target.

I was firing an excellent example at an indoor range the M-40s large sights proved a very positive asset in the murky lighting of the range. The target in the photo was at a distance of 15 yards and offhand. The revenge part is how thoroughly and convincingly this pistol out shot several other 9mms at the range that day. One Glockster told me “My pistol holds twice as many rounds as yours”. After seeing his poor target, all I could say was “Looks like you need ‘em.”

The Pistol, target, spare mags, holster, cleaning rod.

A Swedish M-40 costs about twice as much as a modern polymer 9mm pistol. Based on performance, that’s about right.

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