Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Man behind James Bond’s Guns

Boothroyd and Fleming.

Mr Geoffrey Boothroyd. A well read Scotsman, and connoisseur of fine firearms. It was Boothroyd that wrote to Ian Fleming and suggested Bond’s gun should be changed. In Flemings books, Bond uses a Beretta 418 .25 ACP and a variety of revolvers, none of which would fit the James Bond film image of today. Boothroyd suggested something more modern with ammunition that available world-wide. The two finalists were the famous Walther PPK and the excellent Sauer Model 38H. Fleming himself confessed that he did not know a lot about guns and he was grateful for Boothroyds’ help.

Ian Fleming with a Colt Offical Police or Colt Commando Revolver

In a stroke of luck, the PPK was chosen. The Sauer Model 38H had been out of production since 1945 and was ostensibly “Nazi” gun. The choice was a marketing bonanza for Walther. As 007 sported the PPK in Dr. No, and Goldfinger , Walther’s sales of the PPK skyrocketed. Everyone could afford a PPK, unlike the Aston Martin DB 5 or Dom Pérignon Champagne.
Boothroyd was also a prolific author of firearms related books in the U.K. , but movie fans and Bond enthusiasts are grateful for his timely advice to the father of the modern spy novel.
For a short video circa 1964 featuring Geoffrey Boothroyd use this link:


  1. I had a PPK in 9 Para and its little sister the TPH in .22lr , both glitch-free pieces of gear. My free pistol is a TOZ 35, single shot but extremely accurate.

  2. There is no doubt that bond's styling pose with this Gun are very famous till today.