Friday, November 4, 2011

Browning Baby 25 ACP.

The Browning Baby was designed by Dieudonné Saive, the man who refined John Browning’s Browning Highpower, and designed the FN FAL rifle. It’s tiny, very easy to conceal, and it’s the vest pocket pistol that all other are judged by. Its wartime users included the French Resistance, and James Bond author Ian Fleming. It was rumored to be included in U.S. Air Force survival kits in the 1960s. The Baby is chambered in 25 ACP, a round detested by serious hand gunners, but successfully used in vest pocket pistols for just over 100 years. There are many stories of the 25 ACP failures to stop assailants, but it can and has killed foes. The 25 ACP is more powerful and reliable that 22 Long rifle is similar sized platforms. Guns this small are usually back up or last ditch weapons, designed for deep concealment.

The Baby pictured here, belonged to my mother. In fact she used it to apprehend a burglar who broke into our home when I was a child. In that case just the presence of the .25 ACP Baby Browning was enough.

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