Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Hammer of Thor, Home Defense Handguns.

A collection of powerful revolvers, past and present.  
Home defense handguns are a neglected subject. Many people use their concealed carry weapon (CCW) handguns, either alone or in conjunction with more powerful arms.  In most cases, the requirements for a strictly home defense and CCW hand guns are different.
 The N frame S&W revolvers have been "taking care of business" for over 100 years.

While both should be requisitely powerful, the CCW is often a compromise between power, size, and capacity. CCW guns may be micro size and have short barrels which degrade the ballistic effectiveness of the round fired.  The homeowner does not have to compromise. Weapons deployed in one’s home need not be concealed on the person or discreet.  In home defense, the shotgun is a very popular weapon. Many home defense experts recommend the shotgun as the primary weapon.  The reason is its unmatched close range power. The problem is most home owners/protectors don’t have a multiple shotguns staged around the house. The handgun may be the only weapon immediately available.
 A powerful single action, such as this 38-40 Ruger, is a reasonable choice for home defense. 

In close range confrontations in the home, it’s rare to fire more than one or two shots. The reality of multiple attacker home invasions is rare and remote, however it can occur. Even in this extreme case, powerful weapons are preferable. The ability to stop an attacker with fewer shots is an advantage.  
 Several old and new large powerful revolvers.  

What kind of handguns re of the most use for inside the home? My answer is powerful full size pistols. While the .45 Auto, 10 mm, and 9mm are good, I prefer powerful revolvers. By powerful I mean less than standard 44 Magnum. My favorites are the 45 Colt, 45 Auto Rim, 44 Special, 44-40, 38-40, and 357 Magnum.  The home owner/protector should follow the basic rule of thumb for defensive handguns, use the largest caliber you can effectively shoot. If that is 38 special or 9mm, so be it.  However, many people can effectively use the larger revolver cartridges. 

The 44 Special S&W 624 is a durable and reliable combat classic.
These large cartridges have effectively stopped attackers since the days of the old west or Prohibition.   Advances in premium defense ammunition, especially hollow points, enhance the capabilities of these tried and true cartridges even more. The powerful revolver is the hammer of Thor, which can protect the home and the lives in it.      
 The 44 Magnum represents the upper limit of defensive cartridges. The home owner/protector is better served by slightly less powerful big bore cartridges.  Of course 44 Magnum revolvers can use high performance 44 Special cartridges.

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