Friday, February 14, 2014

Cold Weather Testing with the G-3

The Semi Automatic G3 Rifle
The only way to make absolutely sure a weapon, optics, ammunition , lubrication combination actually works in artic cold weather is to actually test in those conditions.  The recent artic temperature and storm wave provided a unique opportunity to test equipment in some worse case scenario weather.  its good news that Mobile 1 synthetic grease and oil worked well as a lubricant in these conditions.  So far not a single malfunction in any of the weapons tested.  Mobil 1 products are great reasonable cost lubricants for all types of weapons. I find it superior to regular gun oil or CLP.
 A G3 cold warrior on the range

The G3 lived up to its legendary reputation as a cold warrior.  With wind chills below zero, the g3 was easy to use with gloves and absolutely reliable. This included firing the cheapest  steel cased 7.62x51 ammo which I could find. In forty rounds fired, all hit a 200 meter gong. This gong is roughly a man chest sized target and represents a center mass zone on a human. In this sort of weather and assuming an adversary would use reasonably effective camouflage, 200 meters represents a realistic combat range. Detecting camouflaged targets at 200 meters with the naked eye is a challenge and requires practice.
The gongs are barely visible at 200 meters

Of course, one of the things being tested is the shooter. How does personal gear such as jackets, boots, gloves, and caps work? personal camouflage is also an area of consideration. its reassuring to know these things work under these conditions, at least on the range.   
The G3 with a Spanish CETME magazine 

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