Friday, January 10, 2014

Survival Carbine Myths

Before we discuss the survival carbine, let’s go over some of the myths associated with survival type defensive weapons. Each one could be a lengthy discussion, but I think you get the point is the brief synopsis.

Myth #1: The Government will confiscate military style weapons and not bother traditional looking weapons such as lever action and bolt action rifles.

Fact: In a crackdown, all weapons will be confiscated, think of Hurricane Katrina or U.S. Military operations in the Balkans and the Middle East. My guess is that a food for guns program will be instituted during a martial law or WROL scenario.

Myth #2: Long range weapons (effective range over 500 yards) are necessary to eliminate threats.

Fact: Close range threats are the most dangerous. Target identification beyond 200 meters is difficult for trained soldiers and is nearly impossible for civilians. It’s not a question of hitting targets, it’s a question of detecting and identifying a hostile target at long range.     

Myth #3: Without Rule of Law (WROL) scenarios will be a “free for all” where actions are not questions and without legal consequences later on.

Fact: Rule of Law (ROL) evaporated in the LA riots, Hurricane Katrina, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, various places in Africa, etc. The reality is that ROL is reinstated and people will be held accountable for their actions. This could mean a reconstituted legal justice system, warlords or vigilante justice. While the zombie apocalypse is entertaining, it’s probably not the scenario we will face.       

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