Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gun Musings: Opinions and Observations of a Lifelong Shooter.

Good news! Today’s gun owners and shooting community is well funded, well organized. Victories against tyrants in Colorado and the defeat of anti-freedom gun legislation in the last year are a welcome contrast to the bleak days after the oppressive 1994 gun ban. 

Bad news! The war on freedom continues. The Obama administration is blocking the return of American M1 rifles from South Korea. I hope the importers can wait another three years, until our inevitable regime change in 2016, when hopefully adults may again be in charge of our government. 

Youtube Madness! I’ve seen a number of videos “testing guns to destruction”. I don’t find them interesting. Firearms should be treasured and respected. To simply abuse them until they break for video sensationalism seems foolish and disturbing.

Open Carry?  Is it a good idea? As a boy, growing up on a cattle ranch, we open carried all the time, in the pastures and woods.  We often had firearms with us in ranch trucks and tractors while using county roads. We used mostly rifles, but there were revolvers occasionally present. This would be open carry by today’s standards, and a good idea.  Walking around a large or small city with a rifle or openly holstered sidearm, seems like a very bad idea.   

Ammunition is once again widely available for every caliber except .22 Long Rifle cartridges. I hope that situation improves soon. The shortages over the last year were sheer frustration for many shooters. I hoped manufacturers learned a few lessons. 

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