Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Magnificent Browning GP-35 High Power

The GP-35 was the last design created by John Browning.  Many experts state the GP-35 is the zenith of Browning’s Pistol designs. Of course Dieudonne Saive, the great Belgian arms designer, deserves a lot of credit for the final design. Largely ignored in today’s polymer frame world, the cognoscenti, still regard the GP-35 as the best fighting pistol ever designed. Simple, reliable, and accurate, the high power has quietly ridden in holsters around the world since its introduction before the Second World War. It was used by the Allies and the Axis, manufactured on two continents, and used from France to China. 
In the post war era, the high power became closer to a free world standard than anything else.  It could be found on every continent in police and military service. In its final form, the high power is quietly being used today. Although in many countries the polymer pistols have replaced it, the high power soldiers on. That makes a service life of almost 79 years and counting.        

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