Thursday, October 17, 2013

James Yeager

I don’t know James Yeager or have any connection with his company Tactical Response or participated in any of his training.  But I can tell you he is a good guy and a patriot.  His now infamous video of early January 2013 received national attention and much criticism.  Mr. Yeager apologized for his remarks and began to weather the storm of personal criticism and character assignation which followed. 

The media and their stooges call James Yeager a coward for his actions during a vehicle ambush in Iraq. James is no coward, as an unfortunate veteran of two IED blasts in Iraq, I can definitively say, his actions in the ambush were reasonable and prudent.

James’s controversial video was full of direct unvarnished colorful language, I guess that is who he is.  I personally have no problem with that. This country need more people who speak like General Patton, and less people who speak like Nancy Pelosi.  The second thing is, how many of us have said or thought the same thing? The answer is, all of us. I don’t think its O.K. for the gun hating liberals to threaten us, and we can’t respond in kind. The gun haters always state they’ll “go house to house” to confiscate firearms.  That is a direct threat, since the implication of the use of force is made. The gun haters are never challenged on this. Yet, we are roundly criticized when we state we will not tolerate this.

I will stand with people who express themselves with candor and courage, like James Yeager.  Someday, in the foreseeable future, after a few issues are settled, I’ll take a class at his facility. Over the years he has taught over 25,000 people essential skills needed to survive a lethal confrontation.  His company Tactical Response, is known for honesty and integrity. That means a lot to me.  His videos are on YouTube and more information is on his web site     

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