Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Army Camouflage

The UCP is a poor choice for most environments
The Army has dumped the horrible and useless Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). I was issued this uniform in Iraq.  I can tell you it was, and is worthless.

UCP in Iraq, we still had woodland body armor, another poor choice for the desert
So after 9 years of insanity, the Army is adopting the Scorpion pattern, which is very similar to the Multicam used in Afghanistan.  Why not use Multicam pattern? Well its copyright belongs to a private company, which requires compensation. Rather than pay millions in royalties, the Army adopted the scorpion which it owns the copyright to.  
Superior Army Scorpion camouflage pattern
Some more good news, if you operate in a snow or urban environment, in which UCP excels, plenty of inexpensive surplus will hit the market soon.

 Contrast between the the UCP and Multicam in the field 

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