Saturday, April 26, 2014

TM1 Thompson Carbine

One of the most enjoyable firearms are the Thompsons.  The TM1 is the semi automatic copy of the famed M1 Thompson of World War II. At this range session, a fellow shooter came up and stated “ I saw that gun in Saving Private Ryan!  The semi-automatic Thompson carbines are great nostalgia pieces and really fun to shoot. One point often missed, is the potential of the Thompson as a self-defense piece.  
TM1 with two 30 round magazines
The original fully automatic Thompsons were marketed to a variety of businesses and ranchers as defensive weapons. The semi auto versions can still do this task admirably.  A magazine of 20 or 30 rounds of 45 ACP is formidable close range firepower.
15 yard rapid fire group
The target pictured was engaged rapid fire at 15 yards. The shot group is quite small and speaks to the accuracy and controllability of the carbine.  
Optional extended cocking handle for the TM1

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