Monday, September 9, 2013

Five things, which will go extinct in the shooting world.

1. AR-15 s upper receivers with fixed carry handles. These have been going away and they will be gone in five years. The only ones, which will survive, will be for nostalgia purposes.

2.  Bolt action “sniper” tactical rifles. Comparably accurate semi automatic rifles will replace the bolt action, for hunting and tactical uses. Even in areas where the AR is prohibited, a compliant semi automatic will be available.

3. Pink and purple guns, which are designed to appeal to women. Women will want their guns to look stock and not in feminine colors.

4. Sharp pointed, wicked looking flash suppressors. These tear up gun cases and could snag on cover and barriers. In this case, function will trump looks.    

5. Zombies will disappear.  Zombie guns, ammunition, targets, and neon green stock furniture will go away and be remembered as a bad fad.  


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