Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joaquin Jackson Must Resign!

Goodbye Joaquin,

He must resign for the statements he made in this tape.  I realize this is from 2007, but these views are not congruent with today's fight.   His support of magazine capacity restrictions is totally unacceptable.  Contact the NRA Leadership and demand they remove Mr Jackson if he does not resign.  Jackson is another "celebrity gunfighter" the NRA likes to promote.  His ignorant and unfortunate statements are an embarrassment to the NRA and Second Amendment advocates.

Here is the evidence.


  1. Your evidence does not appear on page, but found it at YouTube; and I agree about Jackson, despite his colorful career. Weird that he, former Texas Ranger, has two sons: one serving the Border Patrol and the other serving a 48-year sentence in prison.

  2. His statement is so infamous I don't need to link to it. I have nothing personal against Jackson, but his statements clearly disqualify him from a leadership position in the gun rights movement.