Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Good News for Zoot Shooters!

The American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA) has expanded its website by having “Deacon” write a new blog on the sport. In the interest of disclosure, I’m a proud member of the AZSA. In his first Column, Deacon explains safety rules of handling firearms and some of the firearms and calibers that are used in the sport. The rules have been expanded to include the 1940s, and clarified to include 30 caliber pistol cartridges such as the 30 Luger and 30 Mauser as well as the 351 Winchester for rifles.
Inclusion of these cartridges will allow some great period weapons to be used such as the Winchester Model 1907 and the Mauser C96. The Luger pistol in 30 Parabellum (Luger) was widespread in the United States have been commercially imported since about 1900. The Luger was again imported in large numbers during the 1920s.
Zoot shooting has been around for a couple of years in its nacent stages. A bad economy has probably hampered its growth, but as things are looking up, we should put on our fedoras and look back. Go to look around, and hopefully join!

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