Monday, January 9, 2012

Old Guns and Modern Ammo

Today, shooters have the widest selection of factory and semi-custom ammunition available. This is great for hunting and self defense uses. However a caution must be exercised. Rounds that exceed SAMMI standards are labeled (or should be) +P or +P+. These loads may not be suitable for guns build 100 years ago and chamber the standard cartridges. In fact some more modern guns may be at risk also. My Smith & Wesson Model 29 come to mind. This gun does not do well with heavy bullet (300 grain) or +P 44 Magnum Loads.
The Classic Smith and Wesson Model 29. A lot of this ammunition comes from a perceived need for more power out of existing envelopes for specific uses. With the same bullets, if 1000 feet per second is good, 1200 feet per second is better. More is always better, isn’t it? Well maybe not. Increased recoil, sight regulation changes, increased parts stress, and introduction of bad shooter habits (flinching, anticipating recoil, etc) are a heavy price to pay for an increase in paper ballistics. Instead, invest in practice with regular loads and improve marksmanship, even take a shooting class. This is the best way to make guns more effective. A solid hit is much better than a miss or a peripheral hit on game.
The Colt Single Action Army. If more power is needed, go to a more powerful caliber and gun which can handle it, that’s the answer. Trying to coax more power out of older guns is not the way to go. Get the right tool and the right ammo for the job. Your guns will thank you!

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