Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Gun Handling Actors: Steve McQueen

One of the best I’ve seen is the legendary Steve McQueen. Steve was real man who overcame a tough childhood and boy’s reform school (where he loyally helped boys after he became famous). He joined the Marines at 17, and although initially rebellious, Steve became a model Marine. It’s safe to assume this is where he learned how to handle weapons.
Steve starred in many great movies, my favorite is The Sand Pebbles , a taught action drama set aboard a U.S. Navy gunboat in China in the 1930s. Steve’s handling of several weapons, including a BAR and a 1903 Springfield are excellent. Steve was not a pushover in real life, after his friends Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were murdered by the Manson Family, Steve was rumored to be on their “Kill” list. He wisely carried a handgun for protection.
Although it’s impossible to know, had the Manson butchers confronted Steve, I’m sure he would have given a good account of himself, and fewer of the Manson clan would have been alive to go on trial. Steve died of Cancer in 1980, but his films and performances live on.

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