Monday, October 24, 2011

American Hoggers!!!

I recently saw the new show on A&E called American Hoggers. I enjoyed it immensely. Not only does it show a hard working family in a rural setting, but it has a positive portrayal of classic firearms also. I really enjoy the single action revolvers and lever action rifles. It’s a little of the old west in a modern setting, controlling the destructive and out of control feral hog population. Someday, the public will realize these are dangerous animals and their population is exploding in many parts of the country.

The Campbells do the job with old west style, excitement and adventure. I wish I could go with them……..

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  1. Hey The Enforcer!

    Glad to hear from another fan of the show! I have a week 2 episodic trailer for American Hoggers that I'm sure your readers would love.

    You can grab it here -

    Just make sure you post it sometime today (10/26) because the video's tune-in time is "Tonight at 10/9c"