Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Long Years

In ten years since 9/11 everything changed. I went to war as a result of 9/11. Of course I was a military man already, having served since 1979 in one capacity or another. Everything, meaning our weapons, personal gear, uniforms, and our mindset.

Out were the goofy Bianchi UM-84 holsters, Long rifles like the M16A2, plastic canteens, black spit shined boots, FLAK jackets, ALICE packs and the conformist cold war attitude.

In were short M4 carbines, optical sights, hydration systems, functional packs , Interceptor body armor, Good pistol holsters. Soldiers were not required to look alike, they were encouraged to use what worked. Another good idea was COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) purchases of proven civilian equipment.

These changes have made our military stronger and more effective, coupled with improved and realistic training we have delivered severe blows to the coward perpetrator and planners of 9/11. Amen

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