Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Threat of Flash Mob Violence

Flash mobs seem to be in the news almost every day. The “participants” are the usual suspects, inner city dead enders, who have forsaken education and work. These people want everything but are unwilling to work for it. These parasites are using “social media” to organize and mobilize large numbers that inundate an area and overwhelm law abiding citizens.

They loot stores, attack innocent people, and induce panic. Formerly safe areas are now danger zones. I don’t know what the ultimate solution is, but here are a few general suggestions.

1. Stay away from areas where this activity has occurred. The mobs will come back for more ‘easy pickings”.
2. Stay away from unnaturally large crowds that are assembling for no apparent reason.
3. Stay away groups that are of a different race or ethnicity than you are. Once the mob mentality or psychology takes over, anyone looking, speaking, dressed, or acting differently will be attacked. It’s how mobs operate.
4. See through the lies the medial tells. These are not “teens” out for a few pranks. There are societal rejects they are bent on taking out their rage on you. They are not innocent children. They are the ungrateful clients and recipients of the welfare state.
5. They are potential killers who may shoot, stab, or beat you to death, often for no reason, and often without any remorse. Do not think that minding your own business will protect you. Angry mobs don’t care.

How can you protect yourself and family?

1. Situational awareness of areas you frequent. Be sensitive for changes in the environment and atmosphere that may signal trouble.
2. Avoid crowded venues (shopping, sporting events, tourist areas) at night. These mobs usually use the cover of darkness to affect their escape.
3. Dress as a “gray man”. If you cannot avoid these places, look inconspicuous. An American flag t-shirt is not the thing to wear near a Cinco De Mayo celebration.
4. Seek training, proper permit, and discretely arm yourself.
5. DEMAND action on this issue from local politicians and leaders.

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