Friday, July 29, 2011

Lets Play a Game with a Walther PP .22 and a P22

I have two Walther .22 caliber pistols. The first is a 1943 Walther PP .22 Cal like the one below.

The second one is a recent production Walther P.22. Like this one.

Guess which one is better?
One pistol is totally reliable and have never failed. The other occasionally jams. Which is which?
One is the most accurate pocket pistol I’ve ever fired, the other is marginal at best. Which is which?
One is well made, robust, beautifully finished. The other is cheap. Which is which?
One feels perfect in my hand, well balanced and sturdy, the other feels like a blow dryer. Which is which?
Well I’m sure you’ve guessed it. The 1943 Walther PP .22 Cal is the hands down best. It’s not even close. I impulse bought the P22 and have not been satisfied in really any respect. It was a stupid purchase since I already owned the PP .22 cal.
This leads me to think, how would a Browning HP do against more modern polymer wonder nines? Or how would an all steel original CZ 75 fare against a polymer wonder nine? I think I know. The FACT is, that all steel, well made and finished pistols of yesteryear can more than hold their own against these modern polymer C in C made Frankenstein creations. Of course we have proof, not rigged and irrelevant “torture or endurance tests” but rather the crucible of combat in two world wars. We also have one more thing, our own hands and ability to appreciate quality.

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