Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Termination of the Terrorist Bin Laden

After 10 long years, the swine Bin Laden has met justice. This is great news!!! I don’t know what weapon was use to end the life of this piece of excrement, but it will become an instant classic. I actually hope it was one of two weapons; a modernized 1911, or an M4 carbine.

It would be sweet justice if the American classic pistol did in Bin Laden, the thought of 230 grains of 45 caliber justice would be wonderful, a fitting beginning to the next century of the Model 1911.

It would also be great if the M4 carbine, the iconic weapon of the war on terror, and the weapon I carried in Iraq, was the instrument used. As Americas’ most popular rifle, the M4 deserves a place next the M1 Garand in the hearts of military marksmen. It is also sweet justice the AK carrying Bin Laden may have been brought down by a bullet launched by a variant of the M16!

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