Monday, March 21, 2011

Sons of Confederate Veterans

It’s here, the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. Sadly, without any fanfare, the largest event since the founding of our country, seems to be passing without much notice. In the South, attempts to commemorate Confederate Generals have fallen to the cries of the same old race baiting hucksters who cannot appreciate history.

Fortunately there is a great group of genuine American patriots who appreciate history and seek truth and justice on behalf of the Confederate soldier. This is the Sons of Confederate Veterans, of which I’m proud to be a member. Be clear, I don’t speak for the organization, I’m just a member, and a new member at that. I joined to honor my Grandmother’s family, stand up for truth, and help preserve the noble history and honor of the Confederate Soldier . The SCV promotes Confederate soldier grave marking and recognition, historic reenactments, education and other worthwhile causes.

I especially like the SCVs dedication to history. It’s a great place to talk about civil War era weapons. There is also a the Sons of Union Veterans , an organization with similar interests. Depending on your ancestry, either organization is a great place for “Those hear the sound of the guns”.

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