Wednesday, January 12, 2011

M1911 and M1911A1

This could be called the “World’s Greatest Pistol 101”. Some people are confused by Model 1911 and Model 1911A1. As the accompanying photo shows, the Model 1911 was produced from 1911 to about 1924. The differences supposedly came from experience in Great War. Several refinements were made to the Model 1911.
A shorter hammer spur, shorter trigger, arched mainspring housing, and relief cuts on the frame behind the trigger were the changes made. Small things, that really don’t matter much, in fact, a lot of shooters put the flat mainspring housing and long triggers in their M1911A1 guns and partially return them to Model 1911 configuration. Some Model 1911s were retrofitted with new parts and continued to serve the military, the frames not being modified.
I must admit that I can’t tell much difference, the biggest difference for me is the mainspring housing. The arched one does fit my hand better. The rest doesn’t matter much. There is some exciting news. Cimarron Arms has introduced a original configuration Model 1911, with correct frame parts. I saw the nickel version of this and it’s pretty stunning. Previously the only authentic Model 1911 was available for Colt as it 1918 reissue, a very nice gun itself. The Cimarron is available at a nice price point. I just so strongly admire the nickel I just may have to have one.
One hundred years after adoption by the U.S. Military the Model 1911 and its decedents are better than ever.

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