Tuesday, October 12, 2010

People are Reading and Watching!

This blog has had an increasing number of page views since its inception in late august. We’re up over 600! If you like what you see please comment. If you disagree please comment also. I love the classic firearms of years past and I like to recall their times and adventures. Please recommend us to others! I believe there is a whole world of great guns that have been pushed to the background by modern tactikool fads. Somehow a U.S. Krag Carbine excites me more that a TAPCO cluttered AK.
I also believe that while firearms serve a serious purpose, guns should also be fun, a connection to history and our nation’s exciting past, and a bridge to the next generation of shooters. Take a kid shooting! After safety and marksmanship fundamentals, encourage them to shoot the guns of history. Even in a video game infested world, the real thing still has magic. They will remember these times for life.

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