Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top Shot = Bottom Drawer

History Channels’ show Top Shot was a big disappointment to me. It should have been called “Slop Shot”. The History Channel, which brought us fictitious nonsense such as “Jesse James’ Lost Gold Treasure”, gave us another inferior product. Here are the reasons I didn’t like it.
1. Too much childish reality show behavior and “house” antics. This makes shooters look like just another bunch of drama ridden simpletons. I hope nobody judges the entire sport by these buffoons.
2. A conspicuous lack of shooting talent with the competitors. These guys were pretty terrible overall. I laughed when one “big time” shooter could not hit a 100 yard target with a M1903 Springfield, one of the most accurate service rifles ever made. Or how about the cowboy action shooter that could not hit with a Colt Peacemaker.
3. Goofy “elimination challenges”. Again, usually politics, drama, and antics ruled this nonsense.
4. Mismatched shooter skill sets for challenges. These people were not well rounded shooters, in fact, they were actually gamesmen that were dedicated to one specific sport.
5. The show was held in California, a gun unfriendly environment that restricts weapons choices. Why would anyone pick such a gun unfriendly environment? It’s unbelievable.
6. Whinning. I just don’t want to hear “ Its not my thing”, or “I’m not familiar with this type of gun”. I’m so tired of cry babies.
7. The Cop Chick. Just disgusting, she could not shoot well and when it was apparent she could not slide any further in the competition, she quit. I have sympathy for a potentially terminally ill family member, but why was the Cop chick even there if this was the case? Just more drama. With the number of accomplished female marksmen around, why settle for the Cop Chick?
The show started on an auspicious note when I noticed nearly all the contestants were 30 some things, a few older and one younger. I don’t know what the selection criterion was, but it did not really include well rounded shooters which have a basis in several shooting sports. It seemed the producers were pandering to the same demographic that watches all the other reality show junk. All of the shooters seemed to be single dimensional shooters, with expertise (or sometimes no expertise) in one discipline. Will I ever watch it again? No never.

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